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主题 中国领导人的企业社会责任战略决策驱动力研究Strategic decision-making of Chinese managers on corporate social responsibility issues: a policy-capturing study
报告人: 王硕 博士 爱尔兰都柏林城市大学商学院
主持人 :李宝元 教授北京师范大学人本发展与管理研究中心主任
摘要 : 本研究希望在理论和实践方面做出如下贡献:为学术研究提供综合性的文献综述;从战略决策的角度分析企业社会责任;研究中国领导人的有关企业社会责任的战略决策过程。因此,该研究主要目的为:(1)研究经理人的有关企业社会责任战略决策在不同环境下的差异性,(2)研究利益相关者的诉求如何影响经理人的关于企业社会责任的战略决策,(3)探索主要利益相关者理论”(stakeholder salience theory)因果解释理论”(causal explanation theory)在企业社会责任领域中的应用。该研究使用信息捕捉分析法设计了一系列的企业社会责任的情景模拟。回收了376份来自于中国中高层管理者的有效问卷。研究结果方面,证明了雇员与政府的诉求对企业社会责任战略决策有积极的影响。股东、消费者的诉求以及竞争对手的企业社会责任行为对企业社会责任决策影响不大。同时,一些相关的影响因素,如公司以前的捐款情况,公司规模,公司成立时间,CEO对慈善事业和慈善机构的态度等都对企业社会责任战略决策有积极的影响。此外,决策者自我强化”(self-enhancement)程度越高,越不可能做出企业社会责任决策。换言之,决策者的自我超越”(self-transcendence)程度越高,越有可能做出参与企业社会责任的相关决策。最后该研究从实践角度为政府及相关企业提出意见和建议。
Abstract :The motivations of this study are as follows: to provide a comprehensive review of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) literature; to analyse CSR issues from a strategic decision-making aspect; and to investigate the process of individual decision-makers’ CSR- related decision-making in China. Therefore, the aims of this research are (1) to examine how managers’ strategic decision-making concerning CSR differs in different environments, (2) to analyse how stakeholder claims influence a manager’s SDM concerning CSR, and (3) to explore stakeholder salience and causal explanation theory in CSR activities.The author utilised a policy-capturing method to develop a series of scenarios concerning CSR activities. 376 valid questionnaires at the individual level were received from Chinese managers. Concerning the main research findings, this study indicated support for the proposition that the claims of employees and government had a positive impact on CSR-related SDM. Meanwhile, additional factors such as the level of previous company donation, firm size, firm age, CEOs’ attitudes towards charity donation and charitable organisations also had a positive impact on managers’ CSR-related SDM. Moreover, the higher the level of resultant self-enhancement, the less likely it is that managers make decisions to participate in CSR activities. In other words, the higher the resultant self-enhancement represents the managers are at the higher level of egoism (lower level of altruism), therefore this kind of managers are less likely to participate in CSR activities. Finally this study also provides suggestions for corporations and government from the practical perspective.
关键词 :企业社会责任( corporate social responsibility,战略决策(strategic decision-making,利益相关者理论(stakeholder theory,个人价值观personal values
时间 20111031日(星期一)下午3:00 -5:00
地点 :北京师范大学新后主楼1620


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